The Next Big Idea

December 17, 2008

The more time goes by, the more I realize that there is so much opportunity. There are tons of “techies” who are coming up with ideas that I have thought about for a long time.   I am organizing a team of people who have good ideas, who specialize in business, and who are ordinary people who can make the ideas reality.  

My idea is that this team will brainstorm constantly to first look at what’s out there already, find ways to make it better and then create what millions of people are looking for.  I’ve had businesses before; some have failed, some have succeeded.  But I am an entrepreneur that actually knows how to take an idea and make it happen.  I also work in a full time job and other side ventures until I develop the next big idea.  But I have a passion to come up with these ideas, and I want a team of like-minded people who have expertise in the key areas of business. 

Most of my ideas come from reading Blogs, looking at newspapers, talking with people, and just realizing what would make life easier.  The ideas are not that complex in concept, but they take a team who knows what they are doing. Most of them are web-based, and all of them would make life easier for large groups of people.

What I envision is this team continuing their Corporate jobs if they have one.  This group will initially meet in person to get to know each other.  Once or twice a week we will brainstorm via live chat, email, or conference call to talk about what project we will start with.  I won’t get a paycheck, and neither will you.  In fact, nobody will get paid anything until the next idea is discovered, developed, and bought out by another company.  I’m looking for people who want to cooperatively work with me to develop the next new idea. The rewards will come later.

I envision a wide open room that’s comfortable, with an open atmosphere that encourages stray thoughts.  No dress shirts and ties, no cubicles that bind and restrict.  The weirder things get, the better-because it encourages thought. There could be finger paints, paper airplanes, and weird looking statues created by the team.  I want to focus on building relationships in many industries, have off the wall ideas and thinking sessions, and then go develop what we talked about. 

I want to form a team that includes someone who specializes in web marketing, web design, accounting, project management, presentations, sales, and an attorney. 

If you have skills in any of these areas and think you may want to be on the team, send me an email at  I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and would like to form a local team if possible.  I’m certainly open to people from other areas though if we could work it out.

On Saturday January 31, 2009, I will hold an open house for everyone who is interested in being on the team at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Once you email me telling me you are interested, I will email you an invitation with all the details. Feel free to invite a friend.  I promise this meeting will be very informal and there will be refreshments.